Vine Vs YoutTube

Six Seconds Marketing

In 2005 YouTube was introduced to the world and one year later, Google bought it for 1.65 billion dollars. This website allows individuals to upload, view, share, comment in videos and subscribe on their favorite channels anywhere. Today, YouTube is the number one platform to share videos content in the whole world since it launched. However, in June 2012 the micro blog website, Twitter acquired an app called Vine that is giving it some competition. In this recent app, the main reason is to create a short video with maximum length of six seconds. Vines rapidly become popular among twitter and Facebook users.

Today, just like YouTube generated famous people through out their channels Vine generated viner famous. Even thought YouTube is the best video platform people may prefer to engage more with vine videos because they are more objective and straight to the point, also it is more cost effect…

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