Why Network Marketers Need A Sales Funnel.

You and 30,000 other of your company's affiliates all have the same replicating website. How are you going to differentiate yourself and give value to your prospects? The answer is a digital sales funnel. Click on the link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/XTseaUBUd1w


OFA Challenge Week2 Day 4 Hooks, Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks

Well the One Funnel Away Challenge has officially started. Wanted to share my insights into Week 2 Day 4 Hooks, Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for the next 30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge go to https://hettagency.com/30-day-summit #internetmarketing #networkmarketing Click Here To Watch Video https://youtu.be/QkDuzSWjc44

Digital Marketing For Business Coaches

Yesterday I was meeting with my business coach, Cheryl Vallejos from PrimeLeaders¬†and Cheryl and I started talking about a new program that she is looking to launch and what were my suggestions for marketing her new program. First we talked about who she wanted to attract with this new program and after a few minutes... Continue Reading →

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