Podcast #8 Farrah Walter, Edward Jones.

http://bopitradiosnm.libsyn.com/hett-agency-episode-8-meet-farrah-walter-of-edward-jones In this episode, Host and Owner of Hett Agency, Pam Hett speaks with Farrah Walter, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. Pam and Farrah discuss the unique strategy that Farrah has had to use to get her message out given that the financial industry is very regulated and their corporate compliance departments have very strict... Continue Reading →

Podcast #6 J’me Phelps with Perfectly Posh

In this episode, Owner and Host Pam Hett speaks with J'me Phelps of Perfectly Posh. J'me explains her out-of-the box marketing techniques to keep her Facebook members engaged. J'me discusses how she builds relationships that leads to sales down the road. Pam also speaks with J'me about how she uses her social media platforms to... Continue Reading →

Podcast #2 – Sales Funnels

Check out the Hett Agency's second podcast - Learn about online marketing sales funnels and how they can dramatically increase your online sales.   Hett Agency Podcast - Sales Funnels For Your Business  

Commerce In Cruces Podcast

Yesterday I was interviewed on bOpitradio for the Commerce in Cruces podcast. My portion starts at 37:36. Tony and Steve speak with Pam Hett, Owner of the Hett Agency, Social Media Marketing Expert and newest bOpper to join the bOpit Network with her podcast "Mastering Social Media Marketing," located in the Business Services Channel. Commerce... Continue Reading →

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