Podcast #5 – Jeni Elflein – Enchanted Sun Realty

Click on the link and listen to Episode 5 of the Hett Agency podcast where I interview Jeni Chavez Elflein from Enchanted Sun Realty on how she is using social media to grow her business. Great tips and advice from Jeni. Social Media for Realtors - Jeni Elflein Enchanted Sun Realty #podcast, #socialmediaforrealestate, #realestatesocialmediatips


FB Messenger Marketing In Action

Have you thought about using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool in your business, but not sure how to do it? FB Messenger chatbots are a series of automated FB messages that helps your prospect or customer know more about your business. FB Messenger chatbots have an open rate of over 80% compared to email... Continue Reading →

Sales Funnel for Network Marketing

Just completed a new sales funnel for a network marketing product. The funnel is a video sales funnel and all material used in the funnel comes from the distributor's back office, so it is 100% compliant. To see the funnel click here: https://tinyurl.com/yckvabbk #salesfunnels, #networkmarketing, #directsales, #mlm, #howtosellmyproduct, #authors, #speakers, #coaches, #consultants, #chiropractors, #realtors, #networkmarketers, #spas, #salons, #restaurants

Podcast #3 – Dawn Owen Rhea Lana’s

In today's episode I interview Dawn Owen, Owner of Rhea Lana's of Las Cruces uses social media in her business. Listen how she uses Facebook live and videos to attract her VIP consigners and how chatbots brought 45 new subscribers to her mailing list within the first 24 hours of going live. Podcast #3 Would... Continue Reading →

How To Create And Sell Your Own Software

I just watched an eye-opening training that has the gears in my head turning… Have you ever wanted to create your own software (or add a software element into your business)? If so, then you need to check out this cool presentation (the training is FREE) I’ve always liked the idea of having my own... Continue Reading →

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