Realtors – How Many Positive Google Reviews Do You Have?

Seriously, of the people below... Who do I choose to help me sell my house? That's a question that gets asked over and over in this area by people looking for help selling homes, buying homes, finding investment properties, wanting home valuations, etc... I could call the first agent because he has the highest ratings... Continue Reading →

How To Increase Your Positive Online Reviews – Case Study: Oschmann Drug Screening

Review Lead Case Study: Oschmann Drug Screening   Increased Overall Review Ratings From 3.2 to 4.4 Case Study Details Results: 39 New Reviews Reviews that were being left were people complaining about having to perform drug tests, not the service of the facility. Before: Overall rating 3.2 and only 16 reviews (10 Facebook & 6... Continue Reading →

How To Cold Call Successfully

I had to cold call when I sold insurance and I hated it! Now it's a totally different story because I have released the need to be attached to the outcome and understand the sorting principle. Also I love the product and opportunity I am in which makes a huge difference in your attitude toward... Continue Reading →

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Online, Even If Your Company Will Not Let You Advertise On The Internet…

Are you looking to build your Network Marketing business online? Don't want to bug friends and family and just talk to people who are SUPER interested in your product or opportunity? ABSOLUTELY!!✅ In Russell Brunson's new book "Network Marketing Secrets" learn the secrets to building online FAST!!🔥 * Do home parties online * Conduct 1-1's... Continue Reading →

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