Book Launch: The Englightened Manager: A Comprehensive Guide To Leadership

In today's professional world, leadership skills are essential for career advancement. However, the idea of becoming a leader may seem daunting, especially if you think that it's only for charismatic and naturally gifted individuals. But, the good news is leadership can be learned and refined. In this book, you will learn valuable insights and strategies to help you develop into the leader you aspire to be. You will discover how to motivate, inspire, and draw the best out of your team. The book will guide you through the intricaies of leadership, empowering you to step up to the plate and embrace the opportunity to grow and develop as a leader.

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Turning My Book Into An NFT

Working on turning the book “The Enlightened Manager: A Comprehensive Guide To Leadership” into an NFT So excited….💥💥💥 The process… Record intro and Chapter 1 on Voice Record app, then upload to Hett Agency WordPress site, add photo of book and then upload the mp4 to with unlockable content to NFT owner. 😎 Will... Continue Reading →

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