To Push or Pull: It shouldn’t be a tug-of-war!

Social Savvy

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have learned the importance of Integrated Marketing Communication and the difference between traditional media and social media.  Now, we explore push and pull marketing and how to add them successfully to the mix.

Websites have been around since the 90’s, since that time they have become a staple in every business marketing portfolio.  With websites being the company hub for information, marketers need effective ways to draw customers in and push messages out, ensuring that consumers stay interested in the product/service/brand of that company.

Push, outbound marketing, and pull, inbound marketing, have been strategies for reaching customers for decades.  Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.  Push marketing is pro-active. According to Push vs. Pull Marketing – Which Is Better?’ by Charlie Page, push marketing, “usually creates results faster than pull marketing.” Page explains “you choose how, when, and how…

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