How A Network Marketer Can Use Sales Funnels To Grow Their Business

I have been in Network Marketing on and off for over 20 years and have had some success but nothing that got me on stage with any of my companies. I always thought from a digital marketing perspective, there had to be an easier way to introduce prospects to my products than just sending them to the associate corporate replicating website. Sending prospects cold or lukewarm to your corporate website is just about as good as “throwing up” on them in the grocery line. Way too much information all at once and no way to “lead” them down the path in a systematic way to make a purchase. Until I found ClickFunnels.

In doing my research into ClickFunnels, I found at least 8 different funnels that I could use to capture a propect’s email address and lead them in a systematic way to make a purchase.

Those funnels are:

Squeeze Page Funnel – Find the best hook for your product and use that as the headline and then get them to give you their email address to find out what the product is.

Lead Magnet Funnel – Use this funnel to give an informational product teaching how your product can solve a specific problem.

Bridge Funnel – Use the bridge page to show what your product or service does and then send them to your corporate website.

2 Step Tripwire Funnel – Give away free samples of my product when they pay the cost of shipping. The upsell would be about getting autoship for my product or about joining my opportunity.

Video Sales Letter – Take your company’s sales message and turn it into a video sales letter to sell your opportunity.

Membership Funnel – Create your team’s marketing plan and put it into a members area. Your new team members have exclusive access to your marketing plan in the member’s area.

Hero Funnel – Tell your story of why you joined the company you did and ask your viewers to join your list and follow you on social media.

Live Demo Funnel – Create a fun and motivating show around your product which would focus on selling the product, but would also let people know about the opportunity and how to join your team.

Over the next few weeks I will be building out each of these funnels and giving you more in depth knowledge and examples of how you can use any one of these funnels in your network marketing/direct sales/MLM business.

Stay tuned, this is going to be fun!!!







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