Podcast #4 Barbara Dillaway – Magnolia & Vine

A new episode of the Hett Agency Podcast is now available. In this episode, Host and Owner of the Hett Agency, Pam Hett speakes with Barbara Dillaway, a Style Consultant for Magnolia and Vine. Pam reviews Barbara’s social media marketing strategy, such as hashtag utilization and FB live video integration. Pam also explains how to improve your social media presence while using these key features. Scroll down to the last podcast and listen now!   https://www.bopitradio.com/business-services-channel/

Pam Hett is a social media marketing expert that specializes in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin platforms. For more information about the Hett Agency, go to https://hettagency.com/. You can also call 575-312-0267 and get a FREE social media profile evaluation.


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