Podcast #6 J’me Phelps with Perfectly Posh

In this episode, Owner and Host Pam Hett speaks with J’me Phelps of Perfectly Posh. J’me explains her out-of-the box marketing techniques to keep her Facebook members engaged. J’me discusses how she builds relationships that leads to sales down the road. Pam also speaks with J’me about how she uses her social media platforms to promote herself in “real life” situations that allows her customers an inside look into J’me’s world without the fluff.

Pam Hett is a social media marketing expert who specializes in taking your social media presence to the next level. For more information about the Hett Agency, visit her website hettagency.com. Get your FREE social media profile review by calling 575-312-0267

Click here to listen to the podcast: http://bopitradiosnm.libsyn.com/hett-agency-episode-6-meet-jme-phelps-of-perfectly-posh


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