Podcast#11 How To Find Your Dream Customer

Hett Agency Podcast #11 How To Find Your Dream Customer.

A new episode of the Hett Agency Podcast is now available on our brand new bOpit Southern New Mexico Podcast Page and Android app. In this episode, Host and Owner of Hett Agency, Pam Hett talks about how to find your dream customer. Pam explains what you need to do in order to define your target market, understand where they congregate and how you can get them to check out your FB page.

Pam Hett is a social media marketing expert that specializes in Facebook, Facebook Messenger Chatbots, Instagram, LinkedIn and Clickfunnels. For more information about the Hett Agency go to https://hettagency.com/ or call 575-312-0267. Get your FREE social media profile review when you mention hearing this podcast. Listen now! http://bopitradiosnm.libsyn.com/


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