Facebook Ad Headline Giveaway

Facebook Ad Headline Giveaway!

To say THANK YOU for everyone following my One Funnel Away (OFA Challenge) posts I want to put into practice some of the things I learned during the challenge. I know with the holidays coming, many of you are starting to think about what your FB ads or boosted posts will be. I want to help you create killer money making headlines and make sure the copy is spot on and you are reaching your target audience.

So my offer to you is:

* I will write a killer money making Headline for ONE FB ad or boosted post.

* Review FB ad or boosted post for best copywriting practices and make suggestions for improvement.

* Review the audience targeting and audience interest for your ad and better define the audience if necessary to target your best customers.

I would normally charge $250 but because I want to share all my knowledge from the One Funnel Away Challenge, your cost is $50.

Send me a FB message and I will send you all the instructions so we can get started today!!



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