Podcast #12 The Attractive Character

In this episode, Host and Owner of Hett Agency, Pam Hett talks about how to create your Attractive Character. Pam explains why you need to create an Attractive Character in order to build your audience, gain a following and monetize your offer. Learn about the elements of an Attractive Character, what types of Attractive Character’s there are and what story lines best highlight your Attractive Character.

Listen Here

Pam Hett is a social media marketing expert that specializes in Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Clickfunnels. For more information about the Hett Agency go to https://hettagency.com/ or call 575-312-0267.

Special Offer from now until December 31, 2018  the Hett Agency will:

* Write your headline copy for ONE  FB ad OR FB boosted post

* Review that FB ad/post for best copywriting practices

* Review the audience targeting/interest for that FB ad/post.

All for $50. Retail value $250.  Send a FB message at Hett Agency saying I WANT IN! I will message you back with all the details.

Listen Here


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