Why Traditional MLM Prospecting Is Dead

I just finished binge watching a 5 Video course by Stephen Larson. In the videos he talks about how using a sales funnel in your Network Marketing business is a game changer.

Video 1 – Why Traditional Prospecting is dead

Here is the link so you can watch:

Traditional Prospecting Is Dead, Automate Your Prospecting

Video 2 – What 2 Skills Put The Most Money In Your Pocket

Video 3 – How To Make Your Downline An Irresistible Offer

Video 4 – The Only Reason Anyone Joins You (profiting from those who say no)

Video 5 – How To Pre-Qualify Leads Without Speaking To Any Of Them

My Special Offer To You:

* 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial

* FREE MLM/Network Marketing Share Funnel

* A resource who can help you build a funnel just like Stephen’s even if you have no time or tech skills to build it on your own.

Message me at FB @hettagency if you want my special offer or if you have any questions.


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