Hett Agency, LLC Moves Into Web3.0 To Help Non-Profits and Brands Profit from NFTs

The Hett Agency, LLC a social media marketing agency is proud to announce the expansion of its services to now include NFTs (non-fungible tokens) pre-launch strategy, development of NFT roadmap and after launch marketing/promotion for brands and non-profit organizations.

A NFT non-fungible token, is a digital asset with unique properties that is secured and stored on a public blockchain. Why should brands and non-profits consider NFTs? Pam Hett, President of the Hett Agency explains that NFTs can provide additional revenue streams for the brands or non-profits through both the initial sale and future sales of NFTs on secondary markets. With NFTs, an organization will have exposure to an entirely new Web3 audience. Finally, by creating NFTs organizations can increase community engagement and create raving super fans.

The Hett Agency supports brands and non-profits navigate this new world of NFTs in three ways:

  • Pre-launch strategy – are NFTs right for your organization, unique digital selling position and community building
  • Development of NFT roadmap – selection of  art, NFT platform, value to the community 
  • Post launch – marketing/promotion on social media and offline promotion
  • And more…

About the Hett agency,LLC: The Hett Agency is a social media marketing agency based in Las Cruces New Mexico. Founded in 2015 Hett Agency has worked with musicians, photographers, mortgage bankers, restaurants, realtors, authors, physicians and other businesses and non-profits to increase their social media presence. Ms. Hett, President of the Hett Agency is currently Board Chair of the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce and State Board member of Distinguished Young Women of New Mexico. 


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