How To Build Your List Using Facebook Messenger

I built this quick landing page using ManyChat and posted the link on my personal Facebook page. The reason I did it is because I wanted to have a lead magnet and begin to build my list for my Hempworx business. Click on the link  and see how it works. Building your list of... Continue Reading →


How To Use Facebook Messenger To Get Sales, Without Needing To Make Follow-Up Calls

How To Use Facebook Messenger To Get Sales, Without Needing To Make Follow-Up Calls. Does this sound familiar? You have someone super interested in your product, you give them your website address to buy, but they never do. They were SO interested, but why did they not hit the BUY NOW button? Watch this quick... Continue Reading →

Need Feedback on Webinar Title

I am working on a webinar that I will be releasing shortly. The tentative title is:   "How To Create a Chatbot That Sends Leads To Your Website's "Buy Now" Button Without You Needing Any Coding Experience."   I am using the Perfect Webinar script to create my slides. This cheat sheet has been extremely... Continue Reading →

FB Messenger Marketing In Action

Have you thought about using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool in your business, but not sure how to do it? FB Messenger chatbots are a series of automated FB messages that helps your prospect or customer know more about your business. FB Messenger chatbots have an open rate of over 80% compared to email... Continue Reading →

Podcast #3 – Dawn Owen Rhea Lana’s

In today's episode I interview Dawn Owen, Owner of Rhea Lana's of Las Cruces uses social media in her business. Listen how she uses Facebook live and videos to attract her VIP consigners and how chatbots brought 45 new subscribers to her mailing list within the first 24 hours of going live. Podcast #3 Would... Continue Reading →

Commerce In Cruces Podcast

Yesterday I was interviewed on bOpitradio for the Commerce in Cruces podcast. My portion starts at 37:36. Tony and Steve speak with Pam Hett, Owner of the Hett Agency, Social Media Marketing Expert and newest bOpper to join the bOpit Network with her podcast "Mastering Social Media Marketing," located in the Business Services Channel. Commerce... Continue Reading →

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