How To Build Your List Using Facebook Messenger

I built this quick landing page using ManyChat and posted the link on my personal Facebook page. The reason I did it is because I wanted to have a lead magnet and begin to build my list for my Hempworx business.
Click on the link  and see how it works. Building your list of prospects/leads is the life blood of every business.
This is the wording of the post I put on my personal Pam Hett Facebook page.
“Interested in feeding your dog healthy homemade food, but don’t know where to start? Download the Healthy Homemade Dog Food e-book and get recipes, diet plans, feeding recommendations and much more…”
Click on the link to download:
I just posted it late last night 12/19/18 so I will keep you informed about how many subscribers I get.
If you are interested in learning how Facebook Messenger marketing can help your business, send me a FB message and we can discuss your business needs.

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