How A Musician or Band Can Use A Sales Funnel

Today I had a FB message exchange with a musician who was wondering how his band could use a funnel to market the band. So here is one suggestion I gave him, create a Live Demo funnel.


For musicians/bands a Live Demo Funnel is where they would demo their music live on the funnel page using a live streaming service like Google Hangouts or Zoom or a similar service. A live demo funnel is only 2 pages so it is super easy to create and can do three critical things for you. 1 – show off your band, 2 – sell your merchandise and 3 – let people know when your next gig is.

live demo funnel - sales funnel template

The first page of the funnel is where the band does their live demo. It can be whatever length they want, but the idea is to give your audience a taste of your music.  After the demo is done the recording of the demo stays on the page and is archived. Past demos are also on the page and archived for people to listen to.  Also on the first page is an area where you can sell your CD’s or other merchandise.

The other important thing about the live demo funnel is that a pop up can be shown where you can collect either the person’s email or better yet their Facebook Messenger name through integration with chatbots. This helps build your list, which over time is where you can let them know about your upcoming gigs or promotions.

The second page is the Thank You page. On this page you thank them for their purchase or subscribing to your list and let them know when your next gig will be.

For your Free 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels and see the Live Funnel Demo in action click here 



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