How To Create An Instagram Style For Your Business

I am a huge fan of Instagram and wanted to share some insights on how to create an Instagram style for your business.

#1 Echo Your Brand’s Visual Content

Your brand’s colors, fonts, logos are all very important when you want to create product recognition on Instagram. Consistently use your brand’s colors scheme, the fonts and logo throughout your posts so followers can easily recognize that it is your brand they are looking at. When someone scrolls through their Instagram feed, you as a product only have a few seconds for them to recognize it is you and stop to review your post.

#2 Filters

Instagram offers many filters that you can use in your posts. What you want to do is be consistent with the filter you use. When you choose the filter, think about the emotion that it evokes, classic, vintage, bright and airy or dark. Filters give an overall feeling and subtle emotion to your posts.

#3 Videos

Instagram allows you to post up to a 60 second video. Followers who watch video are 85% more likely to buy your product. If you are comfortable with video, you can have a video Instagram account and that would be your style.

In the comments below, let me know what your brand’s Instagaram style is.





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