Do You Know Your Business’s Value Ladder?

One of the first things I do when I start working with a client is ask them what their value ladder is. Most of the time I get a blank stare but as the conversation goes on the client begins to understand what their value ladder is and why it is so important.


A value ladder takes your customer/client from your most basic product all the way up to your most expensive product. Think of it as steps and you are helping to lead your prospect up those steps and give them value at every step of the way in exchange for them giving you more of their money.


Although we would love to have our customers purchase our most expensive product right out of the box the minute they visit our website, the reality is that rarely happens. So what we must do is lead them through the buying process each step of the way and through each step in our value ladder.


Let’s look at a few examples of a value ladder.

  1. Business coach – the first level is a free ebook, the second is a one time coaching session for $39, the third level is a $98/month coaching program and up to a inner circle membership site.
  2. Direct sales – the first level could be a free ebook or video from your company that would address a prospects problem (weight loss), then introduce them to  ONE of your products, then introduce them to a SET of your products. At each step of the way you are giving value, building the relationship and earning their trust so that after they have tried your product, they are more likely to join your opportunity.
  3. Online store – give away or free+shipping product, then the next level is one of your less expensive products, then the next level is a more expensive product then up to being a paid monthly VIP member

Give it some thought, the possibilites are endless.  In the comments below let me know what your value ladder is. To read more about value ladders get yourself a copy of DotCom Secrets here.








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