Who Is Your Dream Client?

When was the last time you thought about who your dream customer or client is? For us in network marketing this can be a challenge because in many of our companies we offer multiple product lines so our products/services can appeal to all different types of people. We can have products for men, for women, for kids, for people who want to lose weight, for sports enthusiasts, you get the picture.

For those in the professional service industry you can have services for realtors, for accountants, lawyers, chiropractors, again the list can go on and on. While having multiple product lines is not bad, it can cause us to lose focus and promote the product of the month and not have a clear idea of who our ideal customer is per product line and on a deeper level by product.

Here is my challenge to you, for every product line you offer and if you are really ambitious, every product complete the following questions.

Now you might be saying why do I want to do this. Well when you have a very clear picture of who your ideal customer is then as you begin to create your sales funnel, your lead magnet, your offer or facebook posts/ad you are speaking directly to them and letting them know how your product/service can help them. You can even take this another step and look at what is your most expensive product is and do the same type of exercise.

Below is how I am breaking down one of the product lines in my company. This is still a work in progress but it gives me a better picture of who my ideal customer is for the product.

Product line: Micro-Nutritional Sprays 

Macro targeting (Who is my big audience?)

  • People who take supplements but have a hard time swallowing them
  • People who take pill/capsule supplements but want a higher absorption rate into the body
  • People who take supplements in a pill/capsule form
  • People who currently use nutritional sprays but are not using my product

Micro targeting (Who is my ideal customer?)

Product: Sleep Spray

  • People who are light sleepers
  • People who have a hard time falling asleep when they get up in the middle of the night
  • People who currently use melatonin or valerian root supplements
  • People who need a more restful sleep
  • People who want improved sleep patterns.

What is the benefit of my product to them?

  • Wake up refreshed in the morning and not feeling like they are dragging
  • More alert and feeling ready to take on the day at work
  • More present with the kids and can keep up with them
  • Getting more REM sleeps helps the body to repair itself and helps fight disease
  • The absorption rate of pills/capsules is 20-30% but micro-nutritional sprays have a 98% absorption rate so your body is getting the full amount of melatonin and valerian root
  • Benefit of melatonin
  • Benefit of valerian root

Now I have 5 other sprays that I need to do this exercise for.

Hope this post was helpful. Feel free to FB message me with any questions.

All the best, Pam Hett













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