Where Do I Find My Ideal Client?

Hopefully you have taken the time to identify your ideal client/customer for each of your product lines and products? You know who they are based on their demographics, you have determined what your product’s benefits are for your client and you know what product you have that will be the best solution for them and solve their problem. Now that this step has been completed it’s time to get your message out to your client but where do you find your ideal client so you can talk to them build relationships and ultimately move them through the sales process and have them become a customer or distributor?

First you need to find out where they hang out online.

What social media platform do they hang out on? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, others. If you are selling more of a professional service or product, LinkedIn may be a better fit then Facebook. Different age groups and interests are on different platforms.

What groups on social media do they participate in – comment in those groups and give value. Giving value is the most important thing to do to build relationships.

What blogs do they read – You could guest post on a blog your ideal client reads or place a banner ad on that blog.

What podcasts do they listen – You could be a guest on a podcast that your ideal client listens to. There are many small podcasters who are always looking for people to interview.

What email newsletters do they subscribe to – Again you can run an ad in that newsletter.

What forums do they participate in – Start commenting in those forums and give value.

Also don’t underestimate the value of the off-line world. Join networking groups and go to events that are of interest to your ideal customer.

You need to know your customer better than they know themselves so when you find them and know where they hang out, you can easily throw them the hook, tell them the story and make them the offer.  More about hook, story offer in another blog post.

Hope this post was helpful Feel free to FB message me with any questions.

All the best, Pam Hett






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