Increase Your 5 Star Google Reviews – Case Study – Madaras Gallery

Case Study: Madaras Gallery

16 reviews in 24 hours, 64 in first month!

She already had a decent review rating and lots of reviews, but she was tired of asking her staff to constantly ask for reviews. She was able to get more reviews this way, without having to worry about it. Also, the reviews she had were from last year so she knew she needed more recent ones for it to be effective.

BEFORE: Google 41, Yelp 11 Average Rating 4.7

AFTER: Google 52, Yelp 14, TripAdvisor 51, Judy’s Book 2 and Yellow Pages 1 Average Rating 4.9

Send me a Facebook message @Hettagency if you would like me to run a FREE report for your busines showing you how you can increase the numer of 5 Star reviews and find reviews you may not even know you have.

Before Review Lead:

After Review Lead:


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