Customer ordered to pay 1.08MM for negative review

One of the most common questions we get from

our clients about online reviews is…

how do you remove negative reviews?

Well, here’s one of the most bizarre stories we’ve ever heard about how former clients of a Dallas Wedding Photographer were ordered to pay $1.08 million for leaving bad reviews online.

Click the link below to read the whole story on the Dallas Morning News website.

Businesses are sometimes surprised to learn that reviews can exist online without them even knowing about it. We have a tool that will generate a report on what reviews exist for you on sites you may not know about.

Reply to this post or send a Facebook message @HettAgency and we’ll run it on your business for free.

There’s power in knowing what’s out there, and hey…. maybe it’ll end in a million dollar settlement. hahah… but… maybe not. 😉


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